1. Photo editing is great because it’s just messing with things until messing further will start to make it worse instead of better.


  2. I don’t think I really went to sleep last night (I didn’t dream and I always dream). I don’t think I woke up either. I felt like I was watching myself from the outside. Lots of grey. I went for a long walk after school today. I remembered all the street names. I bought a bunch of things. Retail therapy I guess. I bought a map of the world and a book of poetry. I bought face wash. I bought chocolate and two art pens. I feel better, but it was probably the time alone combined with fresh air. On my way back I stopped and peeked into the window of a classic guitar store. The clerk was closing up and we made some pretty hot eye contact. He was cute, but so was the banjo in the window.


  3. Hello friends I just had a super wonderful evening and am feeling really positive and grounded thanks that is all.

  4. I found a rock with eyes.


  5. Seasons by ellasoundslikethis

  6. Kootenay Lake.

    Photo creds to my sister Shannon

  7. I found my stylus — just had to get the wolves out of it. They were making quite the racket.

    Pictured left to right: Lungs Shortpaw, Indigo Lovesfish

    Their ep ‘Howls and Growls’ is out now and can be found anywhere deer are killed.

  8. When it was smokey the sun looked inflamed.

  9. Trying to make proportions work with people… Difficult. Sorry I haven’t updated in a while I’ve gotten very very busy.


  10. A little thing I did to try to learn some things about soundwaves. It has a play on words/pun thing (think Lost in Translation) and features a word which I am fairly sure I made up - Trans-Atlanticism; a strong desire to cross the Atlantic.

    PS sorry about the glut of harmonies I use them to compensate for my mediocre voice.


    I lost a good friend, the other day
    She caught a plane and flew away
    I miss her

    I lost another, to the sea
    It said to him come sail with me
    He caught a boat
    And was gone

    And I guess that you could say
    Both of them were lost in
    Trans-Atlanticism today

    They’re not the first
    Won’t be the last
    Someday my time will
    Come to pass
    And I will leave this place

    And I guess I’ll have to say
    That I was found in Trans-Atlanticism